Collaboration Software had a Massive Uptick in 2020

What are "Things we already knew" Trebek

A few years ago, the only “Collaboration” Software we could get our whole Company to use was Email. Someone always did a Reply All to the Company Email for all to see. I saw a great Idea on Twitter a couple of weeks ago: “To Perform a Reply All, you must enter a Captcha Confirmation with it telling you “Are you sure you want to send this to 594 People?” Why isn’t that a thing? It was always the executives that did the accidental Reply all, which blew my mind because they were also the most likely to have been given permission to address the entire company in an email, and inherently, the most likely to abuse it.

While many of us don’t worry about having to archive Full Mailboxes anymore with all the Cloud Space at our Fingertips, we do worry a lot more now about private information being stolen, as Phish-ing techniques have gotten way too good and can sometimes fool the best of us. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that in this increasingly dangerous world, we’re less worried about getting robbed at gunpoint than we are getting Ransomwared at our place of business.

Increasing Collaboration happening at the digital level equally causes disconnection at the personal level. While many of us IT people being Introverted, you would think that a good thing, but we are all trying to find a Balance and Work Flow we are happy with and makes us efficient. Helping others who are struggling will tend to be our main job over the next couple of years as we increasingly move into a more remote workspace. One of the reasons I started this community was because of the innovation of Slack and I saw its potential for communities, too bad they moved into a more corporate environment workflow and kinda left the communities that adopted it to fend for themselves.

Speaking of Collaboration, I wanted to incentivize community participation, especially in our Private Community. I’m working on a program that will help, but in the meantime, I wanted to hold a Contest. In Circle Community, you get an average score depending on how many questions you ask in the community, how many responses you make, and how many likes you receive, like so:

The Top 3 Scorers (Myself Obviously Excluded) will be awarded an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin at the end of the Month. Bitcoin right now is at $47,464, so needless to say, it will be well worth posting a couple of topics and engaging with a couple of posts. Good Luck and please don’t Spam, We all Hate Spam, if it’s one thing we can all agree on as IT People, it’s that we don’t like spam.

If you still haven’t gotten an invite, we still have some space left in our Beta Group Access, once we hit a certain number of members, we’ll revert to charging membership fees, so hurry and create an account:

Here are also some IT Jobs Positions needing to be filled Immediately, some working Remotely:

Sr. Manager, Computer System Validation (QA) - (Allendale, NJ)

Senior Storage Engineer / System Administrator (Huntsville, AL)

Systems Engineer (Dedham, MA)

Data Engineer (Manhattan, NY)

Business Development Manager (Remote USA)

Enterprise CRM Architect (Salesforce) (Remote USA)

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