Collaboration Software had a Massive Uptick in 2020

What are "Things we already knew" Trebek

A few years ago, the only “Collaboration” Software we could get our whole Company to use was Email. Someone always did a Reply All to the Company Email for all to see. I saw a great Idea on Twitter a couple of weeks ago: “To Perform a Reply All, you must enter a Captcha Confirmation with it telling you “Are you sure you want to send this to 594 People?” Why isn’t that a thing? It was always the executives that did the accidental Reply all, which blew my mind because they were also the most likely to have been given permission to address the entire company in an email, and inherently, the most likely to abuse it.

While many of us don’t worry about having to archive Full Mailboxes anymore with all the Cloud Space at our Fingertips, we do worry a lot more now about private information being stolen, as Phish-ing techniques have gotten way too good and can sometimes fool the best of us. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that in this increasingly dangerous world, we’re less worried about getting robbed at gunpoint than we are getting Ransomwared at our place of business.

Increasing Collaboration happening at the digital level equally causes disconnection at the personal level. While many of us IT people being Introverted, you would think that a good thing, but we are all trying to find a Balance and Work Flow we are happy with and makes us efficient. Helping others who are struggling will tend to be our main job over the next couple of years as we increasingly move into a more remote workspace. One of the reasons I started this community was because of the innovation of Slack and I saw its potential for communities, too bad they moved into a more corporate environment workflow and kinda left the communities that adopted it to fend for themselves.

Speaking of Collaboration, I wanted to incentivize community participation, especially in our Private Community. I’m working on a program that will help, but in the meantime, I wanted to hold a Contest. In Circle Community, you get an average score depending on how many questions you ask in the community, how many responses you make, and how many likes you receive, like so:

The Top 3 Scorers (Myself Obviously Excluded) will be awarded an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin at the end of the Month. Bitcoin right now is at $47,464, so needless to say, it will be well worth posting a couple of topics and engaging with a couple of posts. Good Luck and please don’t Spam, We all Hate Spam, if it’s one thing we can all agree on as IT People, it’s that we don’t like spam.

If you still haven’t gotten an invite, we still have some space left in our Beta Group Access, once we hit a certain number of members, we’ll revert to charging membership fees, so hurry and create an account:

Here are also some IT Jobs Positions needing to be filled Immediately, some working Remotely:

Sr. Manager, Computer System Validation (QA) - (Allendale, NJ)

Senior Storage Engineer / System Administrator (Huntsville, AL)

Systems Engineer (Dedham, MA)

Data Engineer (Manhattan, NY)

Business Development Manager (Remote USA)

Enterprise CRM Architect (Salesforce) (Remote USA)

SalesForce says "9-5 Workday is Dead Now"

Work is moving toward more Virtual Meetings and Flexible Hours

“In our always-on, always-connected world, it no longer makes sense to expect employees to work an eight-hour shift and do their jobs successfully.”

As IT people, we’ve lived this type of work long before it’s cool. When a Server Crashed. it usually doesn’t care if it was between the hours of 9am and 5pm. When it’s broken, we fix it, even if we already worked a full 8-hour shift that day.

Covid has definitely changed our working environment, sent many CEO’s desperate to start work from initiatives when they wouldn’t have dreamed of starting them 5 years ago, even when we told them we should start planning for the eventuality. For the most part, a mobile workforce has the power to easily transition to a Work from Home Workforce. I remember trying to get Slack more highly integrated into our 300 Person Digital Company. The word “Digital” was literally in our Company name, and while the Developers and Marketing Departments got on board our Slack Initiatives and Workflows, the Sales Team hated using it and never did, staying true to their iMessage and “I’ll Email this to myself for later” workflows.

Now it seems everyone, to save the business and their jobs, made Working from home well…work. It is interesting to see down the road what work will look like in 10 years. Will Robots and AI handle all our basic jobs so we can all focus on creating things we love and less about feeding our families? Time Will Tell.

I wanted to let you in on a secret. Well, maybe it’s not much of a secret. Everyone has a Phone, Everyone needs a Smartphone. A lot of people drop their Smartphones. They break, often, and when they do, you don’t just throw it away and never buy one again. You go out to the store to repair it or get another one, usually that same day.

As the Techie people we are, it presents an opportunity to us. If you could learn how to repair them, that would be a recession proof, in demand skill. That’s what my Buddy Feldon did. He learned how to fix his own phone and along the found way more people out there than he thought he would who needed the same service. He started a Side Hustle fixing phones and has done VERY well for himself. Even Enough that he quit his job and this is now all he does full time. Feldon took all the knowledge he gained thus far in fixing thousands of phones and put it in an easy and digestible Video Course and is willing to teach all the secrets to you. If you are looking for extra money on the side or if you even are still looking for a job and haven’t found one yet, check out what Feldon has to offer:

Have you Heard of Clubhouse?

It's a New, Invite Only Live Audio Social Network...


They are saying it's the Anti-Twitter.

I looked for an Invite for a while and finally found one. It was an amazing new experience I didn't feel since the beginning of my soiree into online communities.

The new Social Network being invite-only reminds me of when Google was giving out Invites to their new Email System, Gmail. Getting an Invite pretty early made me pretty popular. They kept giving me more invites there too. We all probably use Gmail to this day, it's changed the way viewed email (For Better or for worse). Now with everyone mad at Facebook and Twitter for Data practices they unknowingly agreed to when they signed up to the platform, a new social network emerged. If I had to describe it, it’ll be like Audio only Twitch or Live Podcasting. People host rooms, nominate speakers and you can sign you raising your hand to speak, it's all done with the audio through your phone. There are a plethora of communities, all under different themes. Business, Marketing, Technology, Startups even hobby craft like science fiction. It's truly addicting, especially if the subject matter of the room is something you love doing or hearing about.

I'm always interested in the next social network, waiting for the one that truly would truly bring us together as members of this Planet. I still feel it will eventually be something akin to the Oasis in the Book "Ready Player One". Where we can all meet virtually in 3D. As work continues to evolve, we may get to that point sooner than anyone thinks.

I've got 2 Invites to Clubhouse for the 2 of you who want it the most. iPhone Compatibility only. The First 2 People to DM me in the Circle Community get it.

Also, the iPhone app for our community platform came out a few days ago! So download and be part of the community with Mobility!

First 100 People to Signup Get a Lifetime Membership

I hope everyone had a good January. Seems like it’s always a terribly busy month for the world. True, Covid may have changed that, but Computers will never stop breaking.

I’ve been trying to come up with the best way to help all the IT People I possibly can. Having been one myself, I know first hand the troubles and problems day to day you all have to deal with. Long Hours, Little Recognition, and Strict Budgets all contribute to making our Work Lives very hard.

Given those Facts, you want a Community that will help lift you up, one that understands where you’re coming from. Because of that and how incredible you all are at giving at your jobs day in and day out, we’re going to do something a little bit CRAZY, but hopefully, it will help supercharge our Community. We use a Platform called Circle, and it like a cross between Slack and a Wiki Site. It’s way fun to use and the features are so great for community discussion and support.

The First 100 People to click this link and create an account within our community will get a Free Lifetime Membership:

If you make an account, throw up a Profile Pic, and put an Intro Blurb in the Introductions channel, you will get a Free Lifetime Membership. After 100 people, the link will be deactivated, so act quickly!

If you already are part of the community, stay tuned for something special in your Circle Messages Inbox!

My goal this year is to create more content and things you like to read, so I’ll be committing myself to write at least 3 times a week about all things Tech, Software, and all things Geeky, so you can look forward to more coming soon. Until Then!


ITCrowd Pro Membership Included with Amazon Prime

We're trying to get as many people into the Community as possible before the New Year

Hey ITCrowd!

Hopefully you found some good stuff online today. The Online Doorbusters seem a little sparse nowadays, don’t they? I think it has to do with Covid and the fact that everyone is already buying stuff online, they don’t need to entice you to do their shopping there because you already are.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how they can be part of the community, but they are unsure about the membership fee. I’ve been running different Free Online Communities for years, and really what it comes down to is it becomes a Disservice to you if I neglect the community because I can’t volunteer enough of my time moderating and building a community that engages with each other. I’m sure you were in a position at some point as an IT Admin where your Supervisor wouldn’t invest in a Software Tool you really needed to do your job right. It stinks to think that they believe so little in you that the Higher Ups wouldn’t invest in a simple software subscription to make your job more efficient and dare say, easier.

That’s what I’d like to do for you. I want to give you 10x the value of what you put into this community, both monetarily and participation. We are already working delivering our First Book for our Book Club for December, we now have a Course Online that will take you through the steps of starting your own Tech Related Side Hustle, with more Technology Courses to come.

For some Good News, I was able to find a way for Amazon Prime Subscribers to be able gain access to the community for Free. If you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber, just follow the Instructions HERE and I’ll send you a Private Group Invite super fast.

Til’ next Time!

Jason Ziebarth

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