Only the 1st 25 People will get One Year of Free Membership

Hurry and Follow the Instructions below

The 1st 25 people to go into our Slack Community ( and comment anything in the room #vip will get the free yearly membership in our members only Slack Space. Make sure you have a Profile Pic set in our Slack that’s not default, as that’s a condition on winning, good luck!

The New IT Crowd Slack Community!

The Re-design is Complete!

We've got a new Website! Please Visit us at:

We have re-designed the whole community based on feedback we've gotten over the years. When I first launched ITCrowd, Slack had just come out and was starting to create wonderful communities. However, Slack was never originally made to support these Communities, focusing more on paying Enterprises. Technological barriers stopped a lot of the engagement with a lot of these Communities on the Slack free tier. We may move eventually to another platform, but since Slack is already a daily use tool in a lot of our Jobs as IT People, we've decided to adapt to it for now for convenience sake.

Because of these limitations and out of sight/outta mind mentalities, we'd like to invite you to put us back on your Slack Server Sidebar if you happened to have taken us off:

To do that, all you have to do is hit the + Button on your Slack Sidebar and sign in to our Workspace URL: and use the original email you used to sign up. If you don't remember which email you've used, hit "Forgot which email you used?" and type in a email and it will tell you which slack servers you signed into with that email address. If you still can't find it, just visit us at to create a new login!

We'd also like to Announce we are now becoming a Paid Slack Community, for a few reasons:

  • A Membership Fee will help reduce Spam.

  • A Membership Fee will help bring more Engagement to the Platform, as people will want to participate and receive value from their fee by participating in discussions.

  • A Membership Fee will help bring more Industry leaders and Content to the platform.

  • A Membership Fee will help the Admin Team dedicate more time to making the platform great and helpful to everyone!

For being an original part of the Community, until Oct 15th, we are launching our Subscription for half the yearly Membership Price, that's only $50 for the first Year. So hurry to to sign up before we switch it back to the Standard $99/yr rate.

If you can't afford the membership fee, we don't want to see you leave the community because of it, contact us at suggesting what you could do in place of the fee and we'll do some good old fashioned bartering!

We have a lot of cool things planned for the community. We've made some strategic Partnerships which we hope will help add Value to you and your IT Careers. Community Participation will be rewarded with Software Credits and other IT Swag as we develop our Partnerships with the companies you work with day in and day out in your Daily Work. Come be a part of something great, network with your peers, find Mentors and find help with solutions to problems you may have in your Day to Day work. We're here to support you, and you are what makes the community great!

The IT Professional Community

Welcome to the ITCrowd! We are 1000+ Community of IT Professionals who netowrk and communicate together to help each other better our careers, figure out problems to solutions and to bond and network with our peers!

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